Spam Blocker For Web Forms 1.0

Spam Blocker For Web Forms 1.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: White Stranger Group

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Spam is a great problem for all website owners. Spam Blocker For Web Forms is the great decision of the spam problem. It is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for protection of web forms from being parsed and used for sending spam emails. Includes adjustable spam filters and anti spam source code protection. If you have a website then you probably have an email address where your visitors may send the messages with feedback, orders and another useful information. Unfortunately, most of time this address is used by spam robots to provide you with thousands of spam emails. Posting an email address on the website is generally an invitation for spam. Hiding emails with a simple contact form looks like a good idea, but it s not enough to avoid spam. Spam spiders that crawl the Web all the time understand the construction of forms completely, so your form-to-mail script will be easily parsed and added to spam list. A very good idea is to secure the web form. It can be done with using hidden fields and specially generated pictures to web form validation. Unfortunately, hidden fields are perfectly visible in the web form source code and pictures are decoded with character recognition procedure.Another way to protect your web form against spam bots and avoid spam emails is an encoding. Spam Blocker For Web Forms uses combination of build-in adjustable spam filter and source code encoding to protect a web form from being parsed and used for sending spam emails.

Systems: Windows

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